The photovoltaic « ombrière » was designed to fit most parking lots.

The roof

It is composed of two parts:
- the photovoltaic part covers 80% of the surface
- the non-photovoltaic part can be made of either corrugated iron or fabric, it plays a role of reflector.

A gutter placed at the bottom collects rainwater which can be conducted to a specific water collector.

The structure

The structure supporting the PV panels has a 20° inclination. It is made either of laminated wood or of metal.

It is composed of structures placed every 10 meters (4 car spaces). The concept is hence highly flexible: it can be installed on any size parkings from 12 parking spaces up to hundred parking spaces.

The « Ombrière » structure is factory-made to ensure its lifespan is at least as long as the one of the 25 year guaranteed PV panels.

It is mounted on the spot on concrete foundations.

The roof

The structure

Technical specifications of the photovoltaic « ombrière »



10 m (2 cars face-to-face)


15 m minimum (+ multiples of 10m)


Laminated wood or metal

photovoltaic power plant

Types of panels

Polycristalline Panels

Installed capacity (depends on the Ombrière length)

15,6 kWp (for 15m)
10,4 kWp (for 10 additional meters)

For you, a quadruple benefit:

  • An additional service to your customers
  • An additional revenue
  • a concrete answer to the steep rise in fossil energy price
  • A visual statement of corporate responsibility

- The PV power plant of the E. Leclerc shopping centre in Saint Aunès
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Video presentation of the photovoltaic parking sheds « ombrières »

Download the photovoltaic parking shed documentation (in French)
Télécharger la fiche produit de l'ombrière photovoltaïque