An innovative concept imagined and patented by Sunvie to enhance your parking lots while offering more comfort to your customers or your employees.

The « Ombrière » serves your clients’ interests (and/or users)
  • Protects them from the sun and the rain

  • Provides air-conditioning energy savings

The « Ombrière » serves your own interests

  • Generates PV electricity that can be sold back to the grid

  • Can be used to collect and recycle rainwater



A flexible concept

Our “Ombrière” was designed to fit most of the parking lots.

The “Ombrières” can be installed on parking lots with 12 parking spaces up to several hundred places (816 parking spaces were covered in the case of the E. Leclerc shopping centre in Saint Aunès).

A cost-effective investment

The photovoltaic « ombrière de parking » is a cost-effective investment thanks to the income provided by the sale on the grid of the produced electricity (the feed-in tariff contract in France is over 20 years and over 25 years in Spain).

The offered guarantees conditions, the maintenance services and the insurances guarantee a safe investment as well as your peace of mind.

A visual statement

Your photovoltaic installation is a visual statement of corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Your customers or clients will appreciate the comfort offered by your installation all the more so, it generates clean and renewable energy.

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- discover it in two minute (vidéo)
- The PV power plant of the E. Leclerc shopping centre in Saint Aunès

Video presentation of the photovoltaic parking sheds « ombrières »

Download the photovoltaic parking shed documentation (in French)
Download the photovoltaic parking shed documentation (in French)