Sunvie deploys its expertise by supporting the development of:

  • certified buildings by calling on photovoltaic to obtain their certification
  • electrical mobility which necessitates a strong increase of the number of available stations, which sometimes accompany a photovoltaic shade
  • autoconsumption allowing the client to produce their own energy economically.

InterIntervening as a designer, developer, integrator and exploiter of solar mega-projects, Sunvie is a specialist in

Who is Sunvie?

Created in 2006, Sunvie offers personalised projects to professionals to optimise their solar potential, diminish their energy bill, invest sustainably in renewable energy, reduce the impact of their activity on the environment, and materialise their corporate citizenship engagement in favour of sustainable development.

Sunvie’s mission is to contribute to the development of the solar market in France, by proposing to professionals turnkey and economically viable installations.

All our projects fulfill 3 objectives:

Developing solar projects on roofs

Optimise the architectural integration

Developing solar projects on parking shades

Elaborate more functional and durable installations

Developing solar projects on the ground

Build in the most economical way possible within the given constraints

Who is Sunvie for?

Sunvie counsels and supports companies and local collectives who want to exploit their available spaces (roofs, walls, parking lots, wasteland…), and those who wish can either realise energy economies to reduce their costs, or valorise certain assets through an investment, allowing them to become energy producers.

Independant of all technology and all suppliers, its path as integrator allows it to offer clients all necessary skills to the correct realisation of the solar photovoltaic stations, from the design of the project to it’s operational implementation.


for the study and design of photovoltaic stations

for the construction and maintenance of stations over 36 kWc

ISO 9001
with a certified management system

ISO 14001
with a certified system for environmental respect