Photovoltaic project: the different missions

Sunvie masters all technical and administrative aspects of a photovoltaic project

> Missions

The Sunvie design departement masters all administrative and technical aspects related to the implementation and operation of a photovoltaic installation:

The potential of a site is unique: Sunvie commits itself to maximise value by making the best of the actual state of the technique. Its independence vis a vis suppliers is a guarantee for the clients.

A photovoltaic project managed across its entire life span

The expertise of Sunvie covers the technical aspects as much as the economic and financial terms of photovoltaic projects on the totality of their life cycle: development, construction, operation, dismantling and recycling.

Sunvie guarantees a production over 20 years

The photovoltaic panels installed offer a minimum production guaranteed of 80% of their nominal power over 25 years (90% over 15 years).
Inverters are monitored daily and maintained annually with supplier guarantees up to 20 years.
An insurance of civil responsibility/damages and production guarantee is also systematically proposed.