Developing solar projects on roofs, parking shades or floors

Installing a photovoltaic installation on a roof, carport or ground mount

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The importance of solar energy

Solar energy is an energy which, on top of being ecological, as we all know, and economical, as those interested always discover, presents above all the enormous advantage of being able to be produced on the site of consumption.

The other important advantage of solar photovoltaic power is that your investment will often be visible to others, which allows you to demonstrate your commitment in favour of energy transition and sustainable developement.

In order to benefit from these advantages you can exploit all available surfaces, such as roofs, parking lots or open spaces.

What kind of solar installations?

Sunvie builds and exploits photovoltaic installations on roofs, parking shades or ground mount.

What is a photovoltaic installation composed of?

  • Photovoltaic models (consisting of an ensemble of photovoltaic cells which use the displacement of solar ray photons in order to generate a consistent currant of energy)
  • A fixing structure allows to fix of photovoltaic moduler on the planned surface (a roof, carport or ground)
  • An inverter which transforms the continuous current generated by the photovoltaic cells into an alternating current 
  • Low voltage panels allow the linking of the installation to the public network or to your own electrical installation
  • Supervision system to supervise the production of your installation from a distance.