Carrying out a study of photovoltaic potential

Carry out a study of photovoltaic potential

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This service is aimed at structures wishing to value an important property asset, and which must choose which land holding to carry out the project on. The study of potential allows the ranking the photovoltaic potential of various sites, or identify within a site the most valuable areas for photovoltaic solar energy production.

Who is this best suited for?

  • Industrial companies with various sites or one big site
  • A company with multiple community buildings with a vast real estate properties
  • An estate who owns a large number of buildings in France

What does it consist of?

A photovoltaic potential study allows the identification of different implementation possibilities for photovoltaic installations on one or more sites. This mapping will estimate the installable power, the energy that could be produced and the CO2 emissions that could be avoided. The deliverable will include a prioritised chart which highlights the sites with the best photovoltaic potential.