How does a photovoltaic site operate? The different steps

How does a photovoltaic site operate?

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A photovoltaic site in 3 big steps :


Implementation of all the necessary execution studies to validate the design of a photovoltaic project. This step determines the choice of material installed.


  • Data sheets of the material to be installed (modules, integration system, converters, electrical board, monitor)
  • Elaboration of the different plans (lay out, cuts, electrical synoptic, wiring progression, position of different bodies…)
  • Establishment of the calculation notes: stability, DC and AC electrical loses, production simulation.


Once the execution files are approved by the client or his representative, the work can be plannable. Sunvie can therefore launch the supplies necessary for the installation.

Building a photovoltaic installation

Whether the photovoltaic panels are installed on roofs, carports, or on ground mount, the main steps are the same:

  • Laying the support structure of the installation
  • Mounting the modules
  • Electrical connection of the modules
  • Electrical coupling of the installation to the TGBT
  • Implementation of an emergency stop
  • Connection of the ground cable
  • Audit
  • Trials
  • Test and measurements

The verification of the control office allows the request of the consuel (national committee for the security of electricity users).