Mastering the Photovoltaic consumer profile

Mastering the auto-consumption profile

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The cost of kWh produced from a photovoltaic source is today closer and closer to the price of the kWh produced by the network. Today, it is economically sensible to consume the energy you produce from a photovoltaic installation.

However, to minimise the cost of kWh produced, we must be sure that all the production is consumed. This is why it is fundamental to study the consumption profile in detail of the site destined to benefit from photovoltaic energy. In effect, the sun shines (or could shine) every day of the week and every month of the year, with a tendency to shine longer in summer.

To evaluate the consumption profile of a site on which we want to install a photovoltaic projet, the key factor is to measure the consumption on a daily basis, and over every day of the week and monthly across a year. It is important to have this information available in order to establish an angle or a consumption minimum, and identify the periods in which the consumption will be lower.

Calibrate at best production of photovoltaic electricity according to the consumption profile of a site allows us to avoid the problem of electricity storage which is even more expensive.