How to finance a photovoltaic project

How to finance a photovoltaic installation

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When designing a photovoltaic installation, the question of financing is fundamental.

Today we produce photovoltaic electricity at a cheaper price than the network. But to benefit from the economic potential, the necessary investment must be put forward. The particularity of a photovoltaic project is that almost the totality of the investment is spent at front. Each year of operation will only represent approximately 1.5% of the total investment.

Various models of portage

Taking into account this important financing need, various carry models have been developed. In particular, we have:

  • The CPE model (Contract of Energy Performance): the photovoltaic installation is financed by selling the energy produced at a predefined tarif for the client.
  • The model of the assets provision: a rent covers the depreciation of the good and its maintenance during a predefined period.
  • The rental of a land surface to build a plant to resell the electricity produced on the network: the developer finances the photovoltaic installation.

According to the potential and the feasibility of the project, Sunvie looks for the best adapted financial solution for its clients.