The maintenance of a photovoltaic station

Ensure the maintenance of your photovoltaic installation

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The maintenance of a photovoltaic installation begins one year after construction, a period covered by the Guarantee of Perfect Completion (GPA).

Sunvie opefrates maintenance activities on:

  • its own projects,
  • projects won through specific tenders,
  • third party projects.

A maintenance contract typically has a 2 to 6 year length.

The different types of maintenance offered by Sunvie

Sunvie offers:

  • preventative maintenance,
  • corrective or mitigating maintenance,
  • supervision,
  • cleaning,
  • service level agreement for organising a rapid intervention in case of a breakdown. 

The preventative maintenance has a dual objective:

  • prevent the most frequent breakdowns, whether the equipment or human material is at stake
  • ensure that the equipment ages correctly, respecting the guarantee contracts.

Respectively temporary or permanent, the corrective maintenance sometimes requires replacement of equipment or the updating of the necessary software to ensure the correct functioning of an installation.

The supervision corresponds to the long-distance monitoring of an installation in order to verify that it functions correctly and that its production is close to expectations of the initial simulation.

Sunvie can carry out a cleaning of the installation. This type of procedure is annual, usually at the time of maintenance.

The penalty payment corresponds to a supervision of the installation 365 days a year, 7 days a week.