Photovoltaic stations on the floor

Photovoltaic Station on the floor – valuing the site’s land

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Available for prolonged use, a land surface can be valued by producing energy via a photovoltaic installation on the ground.

Totally reversible installations

The notion of reversability is fundamental in photovoltaic ground mount projects. It is essential to rapidly be able to disassemble the installation at the moment the ground will be put to a new use. The reversability is incidentally mandatory in the framework of a CRE offer call (Commission of Regulation of Energy).

Because it does not necessitate heavy foundations, in most cases, a photovoltaic installation does not leave any noticeable traces after its’ dismounting. This allows to reconvert the surface for industrial, agricultural, or other uses. 

If the ground surface is only temporarily available, the site could consider the Ecco solution, a photovoltaic ground installation which is easily dismounted.

Technically simple projects but administratively very complex

The most adapted surfaces for a photovoltaic ground mount project are flat and uncluttered, of a consequential size and easily accessible, the grid connection distance constitutes one of the key criteria of eligibility. But the compatibility of a project with the urbanisation document, the possible projections and obligations applicable on the concerned area are on the major constraints to the possible installation of the photovoltaic ground mount project.

Beyond a power of 250 kWc of electricity, the project requires a construction permit granted by the prefect and, whatever the capacity produced, an environnemental impact study will have to be carried outto obtain this permit.

Sunvie designs and installs photovoltaic ground mount projects:

  • in response to the CRE tender requirements
  • for auto-consumption projects 
  • for projects to resale electricity (to the network or to a nearby industry via a PPA).