Photovoltaic station on parking shades

Install a carport: produce solar electricity and offer a service to users

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The creation of carports brings an appreciated service to the users of a parking. The employees, clients or users of a site effectively highly rate the valorisation of an unusual space to:

  • protect vehicles and users from the sun and other weather, manifestations,
  • produce green energy.

The company which chooses to install carports improves both its energy performance and its brand image

In 2006, Sunvie created the first photovoltaic installation in France of over 1 MWc on a carport installation over 800 parking places of the E.Leclerc mall in Saint Aunes (34).

A quadruple constraint for the for the designer-installers of carports

A brilliantly simple idea, the installation of a carport is a more complex site than it appears at first sight. Experienced professional, Sunvie knows perfectly how to manage the different constraints linked to such a project.

Administrative steps

The construction of a carport requires a construction permit.

Mandatory, the construction permit needs a few weeks to constitute the file to request it for which the administration has to respond.

Only an HMOP architect can file the construction permit deposit.

If the project design requires a lot of engineering, its realisation demands the intervention of a civil engineering company to create the foundations and of a carpenter to build the structure.

Geotechnical Engineering

A ground study is necessary to determine the foundation solutions adapted to a carport project.

The zone of wind, snow and sismicity, as well as the risk of flooding must equally be taken into account to correctly dimension the carport.


How many parking places must be covered by the carport? What electrical power must be produced? How is the parking arranged: simple spaces, double spaces, diagonal spaces? Is there a central alley? These different choices directly impact the design of the carport.

The choice between a wooden or metal structure, and the shape of the carport will purely be esthetic questions. 

The expertise of Sunvie allows it to respond rapidly to different questions and to lead the project to resolution in the best possible conditions, all while respecting the given timelines.