Powerdiag: reduce your energy budget by mastering your consumption profile

Powerdiag, a tool allowing you to realise a very precise electric consumption profilePowerdiag® offers a detailed analysis of your consumption profile, which is also a source of optimisation for your electricity contract.

Sunvie’s PowerDiag® program helps define a very precise consumption profile

The analysis of data is carried out on either on the basis of the annual power measures (52 560 measure points), or on the basis of extrapolation, through the means of bills and sensors capable of registering 45 000 points of measure over a month on each main point of delivery for a building or production site.

Reduce your energy budget

The exploitation of the obtained data allows the verification of the proper correspondance between the real measured consumption and the kind of electricity supply contracted. A detailed profile is therefore obtained and allows the optimisation of the energy consumption according to the supply time slots and consumption periods. A flattering out of the consumption generally leads to a significant reduction in the energy expenditure of the site, by identifying unexpected energy saving possibilities.

PowerDiag® provides a company with everything it needs to start saving energy and significantly reduce the consumption and subscription.

Such a step is precious in the framework of a renegotiation with an energy supplier or an eventual change of supplier.

Optimising your auto-consumption potential

In a context where it is now possible to produce your own renewable energy in a sustainable fashion, PowerDiag® allows you to also optimise your auto-consumption potential. This in depth study will be the yardstick for the optimisation of future investments. The correspondance of the consumption profile and the correct design of a renewable energy project is effectively one of the keys to a faster return investment.

This study integrated all the criteria of the ADEME specifications. The folder being constituted in such a way also allows a rapid response to different regional and national incentives used to accompany the energy transition.